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Custom doormats



functional and luxury

The custom synthetic coconut doormats are the most widely used, as well as the most suitable on the outside, with a good scraping and absorbent power. With an elegant appearance and resistant to UV rays, they can be made in any format and size using the colors available in the samples. The synthetic coconut in a thickness of about 13mm guarantees excellent durability, does not peel and does not sink. The thickness and the rubber bottom make them perfect both for use in the hole and flat. For the nostalgic   can not miss the doormat in 100% natural coconut (fiber obtained from untreated coconut palm). It has a thickness of about 17mm, a strong scraping power, but with time it sinks, it can peel and does not particularly like water.

Consult and touch with hand the samples available in the company.

Shopping centers
Hall hotels



Specific line of carpets for the flooring covering of stands, exhibitions and trade fairs. Ideal for your indoor and outdoor red carpets, to outline paths and to give an exclusive touch to all your events. For Christmas the red carpet decorates the streets of your city. The carpets can be with and without protective liner, they can be fixed by applying removable double-sided adhesives and are available in 40 different colors. The sale is made in whole rolls and two are the proposed variants. Made in 100% Polypropylene fiber from 290gr and 520gr both certified to Bfl-S1 fire, measures have respectively:

202cm (h) x60m (290gr)

200cm (h) x50m (520gr).

Ask for the color samples in digital format and in case of emergencies always check availability first.

Trade fairs
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draining action for dirt and water

If you want a total filtering of the water, doormats in draining vinyl swirl are the best solution. Their thickness is about 15mm without substrate, they have a good cleaning power and are normally inserted in the hole on the ground equipped with a drain for water. Except for the addition of PVC ramps, their use is not recommended. They are recommended for cleaning and drainage of water especially on rainy days. Make sure to place the carpet in an area not too exposed to the sun, in the hot months, with intense traffic, you will increase its duration. Ask for a free consultation if you don't know which product to use.

Shopping centers


the name says it all

The stepdryer is used inside, whose name clearly shows its use and main purpose. It allows more complex customizations with a greater choice of colors available. They have a reduced thickness and beyond the rubber base are already equipped with a perimeter edge. They are normally made with a series of standard sizes available, but it is also possible to produce customized products with higher costs. They are the most used product in hotel and chained-brand hotels, in shopping centers, shoe shops and car dealerships. The possibility of washing the product makes it practical and hygienic. The foot dryers are not cheap or promotional products, ask our staff for advice and explanations.

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