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Window Decals - Solar Films



essential for your business

Window decals are a fundamental element for any business. Whether they are made of pre-spaced pvc or digitally printed pvc they let your customers know where you are and what you do. Prespaced PVC is usually used for reproductions of logos and writings on windows or portions of them, while printed PVC generate a strong advertising impact and is often used to obscure or create privacy such as in game rooms, slot machines, spas or cover portions of glass for warehouse or workroom. If you do not want to use printed solutions, films with satin sandblasted\dusted effect are used to give privacy without sacrificing light and maintaining a sober appearance. These films are in great demand in dental offices, doctors' offices, beauty centers and offices of small and large companies. The most demanding customers can also choose a wide range of Design films with an incredible variety of shapes, textures and colors. For your project, ask for our first free consultation.

Dental offices
Game rooms
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reduce heat and glare

Solar films represent the most effective and valid solution not only in terms of heat reduction in locations with large glass surfaces, but also to counteract the effect of glare as well as blocking the passage of UV rays that determine fading and damage of most materials. They are distinguished by internal or external installation. The last one is the most recommended and effective. When all you want is a UV shielding, transparent UV films are the solution. Used by clothing stores, shoe shops, and any type of activity with direct exposure in the shop window of products. For safety at work, at home and in public places and the prevention of accidents and vandalism, shatterproof\safety films are applied to prevent a glass pane to shatter into thousands of smaller and potentially harmful pieces of flying glass. These types of films also make the "work" of thieves and attackers more difficult. Discover the numerous solutions of solar films, safety films by also viewing the large sample collection available.

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