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Vehicle customization

Personalizzazione mezzi aziendali_#perso


classic and long lasting

Prespaced PVC (adhesive lettering) for the decoration of vehicles is the most used method. One, two or more colors of pvc are applied on the vehicle. The durability is high thanks to the type and high quality of the pvc that we use. In combination, printed pvc is also used if is necessary to use the full color (cmyk) and realization with the technique in question is not possible. Sometimes the pre-spaced PVC is used for small brand customizations on motorcycles and bicycles. Customization of coporate fleets, cars and work vans. Get your advertising moving .

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Reflective edging


full color HD

Outdoor solvent polymeric or cast pvc is printed in high resolution and laminated with a special protective film. In this way it will be more protected from scratches and sun rays, the main causes of color fading. It is used in all reproductions of more complex images and decorations. The cost of construction is often higher than pre-spaced PVC and a distinction must be made between flat or complex surfaces. For those who want a removable personalization, the magnetic sheeting for vehicles is the best solution. It is used in usually small sizes for third party works, construction companies, driving schools, limousine rental and more. Always indicate your budget and ask our experts for advice.

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